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What is the purpose of the Subregional Planning Initiative (SPI)?
The SPI Program will provide an opportunity for local communities and regional planners to work together to create a Transportation-Land Use Vision for the East Port area. Local communities will be able to explore how their local plans, regulations, and policies can help support regional goals and plans. Regional planners will be able to work with local jurisdictions to identify agreed-upon transportation investment priorities. The SPI Program will provide on-line information on land use, environmental, and transportation planning best practices for local governments, citizens, and community leaders. SPI plans will focus on prioritizing and implementing projects.

What local jurisdictions are included in the East Port Plan?
  • City of Baytown
  • City of Clear Lake Shores
  • City of Deer Park
  • City of Galena Park
  • City of Jacinto City
  • City of Kemah
  • City of La Porte
  • City of League City
  • City of Morgan’s Point
  • City of Pasadena
  • City of Seabrook
  • City of Shoreacres
  • City of South Houston
  • City of Webster
  • Unincorporated Harris County
  • Unincorporated Chambers County

  • How will this effort benefit the Houston-Galveston region and local communities?
    Citizens, community stakeholders, and local officials are welcome to participate in creating opportunities for more closely coordinated local and regional transportation, land use, and environmental plans. The goal of the SPI program is to enable the Houston-Galveston region and its local jurisdictions to continue to be successful in protecting its economic success, transportation assets, environmentally sensitive areas, green space, and quality communities that attract new people and businesses to the region.